USHERS (The Door Keepers)
Ushers Ministry Mission Statement
The Ushers Ministry helps to create a comfortable and warm environment, so all congregants can have a pleasant, spiritual and meaningful worship experience.
Ministry Scripture
“I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”
Psalm 84:10B
This Ministry is committed to serving all congregants – members and visitors. Our goal is to reflect the Spirit of Christ as we serve in this part of God’s vineyard. To that end, we strive to be attentive to our congregants’ physical needs and to do so in a way that reflects God’s love. Being friendly, extending a kind word or offering a smile is important to us.
We formally meet twice a year to emphasize specific procedures, discuss issues that may have occurred, (including various topics on the members’ minds), and plan for special services.
Characteristics of a Good Usher – Ushers should demonstrate the following:
 A born-again Christian
 A person of prayer
 A person knowledgeable in God’s Word
 A person of good report
 Able to worship while they serve
 Has a lively sense of stewardship; i.e. they look like they want to serve
 Has a desire to give and not receive
 Is punctual
 Is considerate
 Is willing to endure discomfort to aid in providing a comfortable environment for our worshipers; e.g.
     standing for long periods of time
 Has a keen sense of hearing
 Has a well moderated and respectful voice and demeanor
 Maintains a Christ-like attitude
 Has a desire to develop a closer relationship with God through attendance at prayer service and Bible study
We currently have committed members who, with exception of the second and fourth Sundays, usher every other Sunday. The men usher every second Sunday, and our youth/teens usher every fourth Sunday.
We welcome new members and continue to believe God for an increase in membership.
Our church has a great team of ushers.
If God is leading you to serve in this Ministry, please contact Deaconess Donna Dixon, who leads the team.